8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (2023)

No campaign, project, or department is ever going to achieve sustainable success without you monitoring its performance and optimizing accordingly.

But to monitor progress effectively, you need KPI dashboards that showcase important metrics on visually engaging screens. This, in turn, makes tracking data and performance easy. Since you can share the board with your team, everyone can see progress for themselves too.

But what are the best KPI dashboards to create? We asked 15 experts the same. Here’s what we learned are the best KPI dashboards:

  1. Management KPI Dashboard
  2. Website Analytics KPI Dashboard
  3. Operational KPI Dashboard
  4. Sales KPI Dashboard
  5. Marketing KPI Dashboard
  6. Lead Generation Dashboard
  7. Financial Dashboard
  8. CRM Dashboard

Read on to learn what makes these dashboards so important and how you can create them. But first:

What Is a KPI Dashboard?

A KPI dashboard is a dashboard showing key performance indicators (KPIs) in a visually engaging manner. Such a dashboard makes it easy to track and review the performance of a specific objective.

Keep in mind: while you can always bundle together various metrics in one dashboard, it’s not advisable to do so. The reason? Too many metrics on one screen can quickly clutter it, rendering it useless because tracking all those interactive charts showing KPIs becomes difficult to read.

The solution then is to create individual KPI dashboards for various campaigns and business departments/teams. This makes sure each board has a focus and shows charts and graphs related to one objective.

Best KPI Dashboards for Small Business Owners

According to our research, small businesses use KPI dashboards for several business operations with the most popular one being marketing. Half of them also use dashboards for sales, management, and their CRM.

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (2)

These insights come from 15 respondents who we talked to for this piece.

Of these, 6 work in the B2C Services or Products line, 5 work as or with an Agency or Consultant (Marketing, Digital, or Media) working for small businesses, and the remaining 4 are in the B2B Services or Products field.

All of them are dashboard users with most of them actively creating and using KPI dashboards.

With that, let’s dive into the best KPI dashboards to create. For each, we’ll share a ready-to-use template from Databox’s pool of templates. All these example dashboard templates that we’ve handpicked are pretty popular among other users.

The best part? Each template is fully customizable. This means that you can easily edit the dashboard template to add or remove sections/blocks from it, resize blocks, tweak colors, and more.

On we go:

1. Management KPI Dashboard

As its name suggests, a management KPI dashboard shows metrics important to the management. Its aim? To “get everybody on the same page,” says Tumble’s Justin Soleimani.

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“Each department has specific responsibilities, so they look at different data to track progress. We can’t work toward collective goals if we don’t create KPI dashboards meant for the entire management team. Management dashboards present information such as revenue and customer acquisition and cost.”

Take this free HubSpot Customer Acquisition dashboard template, for example. It features all the metrics Soleimani mentions. If needed, you can easily customize it to add more metrics important to management.

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (3)

“With everyone looking at the same numbers demonstrating company-wide performance, they can create specific and general goals to generate success,” Soleimani adds, explaining more benefits of a management KPI dashboard. “We use dashboard templates from resources such as Databox and Excel to tell data’s story clearly and predictably.”

2. Website Analytics KPI Dashboard

A website analytics KPI dashboard displays all your essential website analytics, helping you track performance as this example dashboard does:

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (4)

This dashboard’s focus is on sharing your site’s traffic breakdown and the engagement you’re driving as a result.

Other common KPIs that you can track with a website analytics KPI dashboard include bounce rate, dwell time, and conversion rate depending on your business goals.

For example, at Step By Step Business, Esther Strauss shares the team tracks the following: “We look at daily sessions and length of sessions, as well as where our traffic is coming from. This helps us to make SEO decisions because it tells us what strategies are working and which ones are not.”

In short, Strauss points out, “Google Analytics helps us to monitor how well we are doing on a daily basis so that we can continually make adjustments to our strategy.” This explains why their team considers a web analytics dashboard their most important KPI dashboard.

3. Operational KPI Dashboard

An operational KPI dashboard is a dashboard sharing the day’s progress with operation managers. In doing so, it gives managers a high-level snapshot of performance at a glance.

“They synthesize vast amounts of information gleaned from a variety of sources into a single image that can be easily understood,” as Alex Smith from Lucky Bobbleheads puts it.

But why bother creating operational dashboards as one of the best KPIs dashboards for your business?

Smith has the answer: “It is absolutely necessary to regularly deliver real-time data to managers and staff in order to facilitate the making of informed decisions on day-to-day operations.”

“Dashboards like these are quickly becoming an essential component of business operations in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing and construction, as well as in departments like sales and marketing,” Smith adds.

“The use of these dashboards in marketing has been one of the areas that have seen the most substantial expansion in recent years. The sheer volume of data that is being created increasingly through digital channels is a perfect candidate for visualization through dashboards.”

Note how this free captures and arranges data in a visually appealing manner:

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (5)

Apart from marketing, Smith notes the manufacturing industry needs an operational dashboard too. “The manufacturing industry is driven by efficiency. Maintaining the highest possible level of performance in one’s processes and machinery might mean the difference between success and failure.”

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Smith explains, “In most cases, this dashboard is put to use for the dual purposes of real-time performance monitoring and trend analysis. Both help to identify areas where improvements might be made to processes.”

PRO TIP: Need Help Building a Custom Dashboard?

Not sure which metrics to track or dashboards to build? Have old reports you want to recreate in Databox? Share your dashboard needs with one of Databox’s product experts and we’ll build you a customized dashboard for free.

Here is an example of what your dashboard can look like… (just imagine your data populating here)

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (6)

And here’s another one…

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (7)

We get it. You may not have the time to build out the perfect dashboard before your next meeting.

Luckily, we do.

Connect with someone on our team, share the metrics or areas that you need to track, and we’ll build your dashboards for you in just 24 hours.

Learn more about ourfree dashboard setup here, reach out for assistance via email or chat, or book a call.


4. Sales KPI Dashboard

Another important KPI dashboard is a sales KPI dashboard that features all sales-related performance metrics.

Since sales is vast though, it’s best to choose your dashboard’s focus before creating it. For instance, do you want to use the dashboard to track your team’s performance, or do you want to keep tabs on how many deals you’ve closed?

This particular Sales Overview dashboard template, for example, pairs both these goals to give a full at-a-glance overview of your sales performance:

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (8)
(Video) KPIs, Dashboards & Metrics - Oh My!

As with all the dashboard templates that we’ve shared so far, this one is also free. So you can simply grab and use it for monitoring sales operations at your company.

Plus, the template is also customizable. Meaning: you can easily add more charts to it or remove anything that’s not relevant to you (for now). It doesn’t meet your needs? Choose from our collection of 40+ free sales dashboard templates. Or, built a custom dashboard in Databox.

Speaking of custom dashboards, learn from Stephen Heffernan from The Connected Narrative who uses one.

“Our Boutique Digital Marketing agency uses a custom dashboard. It gives us a one-screen overview of our total sales income, which helps us stay on track and informed of the current financial status of the company,” Heffernan highlights.

“It also helps us know when we may be falling behind and need to push harder on client acquisition. We usually review it at each weekly team meeting,” adds Heffernan.

“We track our:

  • Total sales this month
  • Total sales last month
  • Sales this Quarter
  • Sales last Quarter
  • Year-to-date sales
  • Last year total sales

We currently use a custom dashboard built in ClickUp. It helps us keep things simple and all on one platform as we use the tool for all our daily tasks and communication.”

5. Marketing KPI Dashboard

A marketing KPI dashboard features marketing metrics relevant to a marketing objective or two such as this free Monthly Marketing Performance Dashboard Template, one of our most downloaded marketing dashboards:

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (9)

The good news is that such a dashboard helps businesses in different industries.

Warner Quiroga from Prestige Homebuyers shares how they use a marketing KPI dashboard for their Real Estate business. “The dashboard helped us track the leads from our TV and commercial campaigns by measuring our metrics’ performance in adverse to our goals.”

“We review our KPI every week. Using these KPIs, we can track the efficiency of our campaigns and decide from there which metrics to focus on. At the same time, we get to work on those who need further adjustments. Furthermore, KPIs helped us figure out the issues in our processes and look for opportunities to help us in our operations.”

6. Lead Generation Dashboard

As its name suggests, a lead generation dashboard provides an overview of your lead generation channels and their conversion rates.

You can monitor anything from the channels driving leads to how long it takes to nurture and convert these leads. This user-favorite HubSpot Lead Generation Dashboard Template, for example, helps keep tabs on new MQLs, SQLs, leads goal, and landing page conversion rate.

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (10)

At Intelus Agency too, these are some of the metrics monitored. Chris Mitchell shares, “We have a custom report for tracking leads, MQLs, SQLs, meetings, deals created, deals by source, and deals by product. Doing this has helped us understand how many leads we need to generate each week to hit our revenue goals.”

7. Financial Dashboard

Another of the best KPIs dashboards for small businesses is a financial dashboard. It helps visualize, track, and analyze essential financial KPIs to help teams understand how well they are meeting their financial goals and how the cash is flowing.

Look at this Stripe Dashboard Template, for instance, to understand how it helps teams track their finances by visualizing MRR, new ARR, payments, and revenue churn among other important finance KPIs.

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (11)
(Video) How to Track Road Transport Safety KPIs Using the Road Transport Safety Reporting Tool

Have another important KPI that you track? Customize this template to add it to your dashboard.

For instance, according to VPNoverview’s Veronica Miller, an important KPI is cash flow projections. “I believe that cash flow projections allow firms to evaluate if their sales and margins are suitable, and are therefore one of the most important KPIs for small businesses to monitor.”

“To create a cash flow projection, add the total amount of cash in your company’s savings to the predicted cash value for the next four weeks, then deduct the projected cash outflow for the next four weeks,” Miller explains.

“Intelligent business leaders conduct monthly cash flow projections so they can discover issues early on and make the required adjustments. Forecasts of cash flow can help businesses anticipate future surpluses or deficits. Additionally, they can assist with tax preparation and loan applications.”

Related: 17 Financial KPIs Every Sales and Marketing Team Should Track

8. CRM Dashboard

Lastly, a CRM dashboard offers an overview of the most important sales metrics and sales activities by displaying metrics from your CRM that are the most valuable to your business.

Using it, you can monitor how well your sales activity is translating into results. Take it from Headphonesty’s Colin Toh who shares: “Our CRM dashboard is the most important because that allows us to see and analyze our outreach efforts.

It provides an accurate snapshot of our prospecting pipeline and allows us to see what efforts are working, where things are getting held up, and what needs improvement.”

See how this customer-favorite HubSpot CRM (Sales Team Overview) dashboard template helps with all of this:

8 Best KPIs Dashboards for Small Business Owners to Stay on Track with Their Company Goals | Databox Blog (12)

It visualizes essential CRM metrics like emails logged, calls logged, meetings booked, and new deals created among others. All this gives a complete overview of your sales activity. If there’s another metric that’s important to you, you can always customize this free dashboard to include it.

Monitor and Improve the Performance of Your Small Business with Databox Dashboards

Now that you have a list of the best KPI dashboards, it’s time you get to work.

After all, KPI dashboards are great for tracking progress, analyzing performance, and bringing the team together under shared goals.

The key to making sure your KPI dashboards are helpful, however, is to ensure they’re well-designed. This, in turn, makes your dashboards easy to read and understand, therefore, useful.

Not sure how to get started? Use Databox to create your KPI dashboards.

We’ve got the right templates for you. Plus, you can design from scratch as well by plugging in your data sources and letting the software put together a beautiful, easily readable dashboard within minutes.

Or, you can contact customer support and we’ll build your first dashboard for you (for free).

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for Databox today and create the best KPI dashboards.

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Which KPI dashboard is the best choice for a small business owner to keep track of company goals? ›

Strategic dashboards are predominantly used to view the business in its entirety. They contain high-level financial and process-based KPIs. These dashboards are a great way to see the company's current state and growth.

What is the best business KPI dashboard? ›

Some of the best KPI dashboard software for KPI tracking are Datapad, Klipfolio, Geckoboard, Databox, Mixpanel, Arena Calibrate, Zoho Analytics, Mode, InetSoft, Tableau, Praxie, Smarten Augmented Analytics and DashThis.

What is a KPI for blogs? ›

A key performance indicator (KPI) is a metric that tells you how your content is performing. KPIs can measure the size of your audience, whether the audience engages with your content and how they came to find the content. Ultimately, these metrics can tell you how effective your blog's content is.

What 5 key metrics would you want to display on a data dashboard? ›

If you're setting up a dashboard for the first time, make sure these five metrics are on your list:
  • Traffic sources. sources report will tell you who is coming to your website and where they're coming from. ...
  • Social media reach. ...
  • CTA – ClickThrough Rates. ...
  • Bounce rates. ...
  • Progress to goal (monthly or quarterly)

What are the 5 KPIs that are used to track performance? ›

In general, five of the most commonly used KPIs include: Revenue growth. Revenue per client. Profit margin.

What are KPIs in small business? ›

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a quantifiable performance measure that tracks the attainment of a strategic objective over time. KPIs measure the progress of organisational performance objectives, rather than individual objectives. They are most typically used to track strategic objectives and goals.

What are the 7 Key Performance Indicators? ›

We've defined seven key critical performance indicators to help you go about measuring performance in your team.
  • Engagement. How happy and engaged is the employee? ...
  • Energy. ...
  • Influence. ...
  • Quality. ...
  • People skills. ...
  • Technical ability. ...
  • Results.
Jan 30, 2014

What are the three most important KPIs? ›

You can take these suggestions and customize your own set of marketing KPIs for your company.
  • Goal #1: Build brand awareness. ...
  • Goal #2: Generate new leads and acquire new customers. ...
  • Goal #3: Customer engagement. ...
  • Customizing Your Own Relevant KPIs.
Apr 13, 2021

What are the 4 KPIs for social media? ›

That being said, there are four main areas your social media KPIs should be focusing on: engagement, reach, leads, and customers.

What are the 3 types of KPIs? ›

Types of KPIs

Quantitative indicators that can be presented with a number. Qualitative indicators that can't be presented as a number. Leading indicators that can predict the outcome of a process.

What are the 10 characteristics of good KPI? ›

KPI 101
  • Relevant. Indicators should be relevant to the organization. ...
  • Clear definition. A performance indicator should have a clear and intelligible definition in order to ensure consistent collection and fair comparison. ...
  • Easy to understand and use. ...
  • Comparable. ...
  • Verifiable. ...
  • Cost effective. ...
  • Attributable. ...
  • Responsive.

How do I choose my KPI for my dashboard? ›

Choose relevant KPIs

A dashboard must measure something meaningful and should be directly linked to your main goals and objectives. Start with a clear understanding of key business objectives and goals, and use this to decide what KPIs are needed that clearly show progress towards those goals.

Which can be most important 10 KPI for an event? ›

The 14 most important KPIs for your event
  • Event KPI: Number of registrations. ...
  • Event KPI: Participants on-site. ...
  • Event KPI: New vs. ...
  • Event KPI: Mentions and tagging in social media. ...
  • Event KPI: Social Media Engagement. ...
  • Event KPI: Turnover. ...
  • Event KPI: Profit. ...
  • Event KPI: Interaction rates of your email marketing.
Feb 1, 2023

What is the most important KPI to track? ›

Conversion Goals By Percent-Based Metrics

“The most important KPI is conversions/goals.

What are other 3 to 5 examples of metrics KPIs? ›

Examples of Financial KPIs
  • Growth in Revenue.
  • Net Profit Margin.
  • Gross Profit Margin.
  • Operational Cash Flow.
  • Current Accounts Receivables.
  • Inventory Turnover.
May 11, 2021

What KPIs can you monitor your own performance against List 5? ›

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), also known as 'key success indicators', fundamentally help businesses and staff meet goals.
Let's look at five of these, specific to personal performance:
  • Customer Satisfaction. ...
  • Employee Satisfaction. ...
  • Teamwork. ...
  • Employee Turnover Rate. ...
  • Achieving Goals (Employee Performance)
Sep 8, 2021

How do you evaluate a small business performance? ›

Measuring Business Performance
  1. Look At Your Business's Financial Statements. ...
  2. Check Customer Satisfaction. ...
  3. Average How Many New Customers You Get. ...
  4. Conduct Performance Reviews. ...
  5. Stay Current On The Market. ...
  6. Assess Your Own Expectations.
Mar 8, 2017

How do I create a KPI for my business? ›

Here's how to develop your own sales KPIs in seven steps.
  1. Determine the Key Strategic Objectives. ...
  2. Describe the Intended Results. ...
  3. Understand Alternative Performance Measures. ...
  4. Select the Right Measure(s) For Each Objective. ...
  5. Define Composite Indices as Needed. ...
  6. Set Targets and Thresholds.

How do you measure small business growth? ›

How do you calculate a company's growth rate? A company's growth rate is calculated by dividing the difference between the current period value and the previous period value with the previous period value. It's expressed as a percentage.

How do I choose the right KPI for my business? ›

How To Determine KPIs
  1. Choose KPIs directly related to your business goals.
  2. Consider your company's stage of growth.
  3. Identify both lagging and leading performance indicators.
  4. Focus on a few key metrics, rather than a slew of data.
Sep 28, 2022

Which is the most important KPI key performance indicator for an owner of a private practice? ›

KPI #1: Revenue

Top line sales figures are usually the most important metric for any type of business and health practices are no exception to this. As well as tracking revenue for the clinic overall, you might also want to track this for each practitioner so that you can analyse profitability on an individual basis.

What are the 7 key performance indicators? ›

We've defined seven key critical performance indicators to help you go about measuring performance in your team.
  • Engagement. How happy and engaged is the employee? ...
  • Energy. ...
  • Influence. ...
  • Quality. ...
  • People skills. ...
  • Technical ability. ...
  • Results.
Jan 30, 2014

What is the difference between KPI and dashboard? ›

Key Performance indicators (KPIs) are individual metrics that can be displayed on a dashboard to track key measurements. You can think of them as a single important number that is displayed in large text. Dashboards are a collection of Insights and KPIs put together on a page.

What are the top 3 KPIs support and top 3 KPIs for customer success? ›

The 7 essential customer success KPIs that will help you retain loyal customers, regardless of your industry/product are: customer health score, customer satisfaction rate, churn rate, customer lifetime value, retention cost, Net Promoter Score, and expansion revenue.

What are the top 5 KPIs that you would use to accurately judge supplier performance? ›

Here are seven suggested supplier KPIs you should be measuring.
  • Defect rates. Quality control is an important part of any buyer-supplier relationship. ...
  • Lead times. ...
  • Contract compliance. ...
  • Return on Investment. ...
  • Innovation. ...
  • Risk and transparency. ...
  • Customer service.

What KPI is most important for measuring profitability? ›

Gross Profit Margin – This KPI measures the percentage of total sales revenue that a company retains after incurring direct costs. Gross profit margin shows revenue minus direct costs, expressed as a percentage.


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