What's new in OpenText Documentum (2023)

Customers trust OpenText™ Documentum™ to help them ensure their high volume, critical business content is secure, organized, preserved and easily accessible while adhering to privacy and security protocols. Documentum users are also extending the value of their content to the cloud, simplifying access for content creation and collaboration, driving productivity improvements with easy-to-understand and personalized user experiences, all while applying Documentum’s robust governance at every stage of the content lifecycle.

Check out the latest OpenText of Cloud Editions (CE) announcement to learn more about the most recent release.

June 2022: What’s new in OpenText Documentum CE 22.2

With the release ofOpenText Documentum CE 22.2, we’ve made improvements across the platform to enhance the user experience, automate workflows, and ensure compliance. Here’s an overview of what’s new in CE 22.2:

Enhance user experiences

Modern work calls for new tools and new ways of thinking about Information Management. The new in-place viewing and Docmerge capabilities of OpenText™ Documentum™ D2 help enhance modern work by making it easier for users to complete their work from a single location without the need to switch back and forth between content stored in various locations. Now users can:

  • Preview, review and compare document properties and content in a single view
  • Adjust the viewing area for the size that best suits the current task
  • Quickly compare text on a document from one version to another
  • Compare drafts of CAD drawings by toggling between a view of each drawing individually, showing drawings side-by-side or overlaying them with or without differences being contrasted
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Automate workflows

OpenText Documentum Advanced Workflow is a new workflow designer that allows organizations to bring the power of OpenText™ Documentum™ xCP workflows to the applications of choice without the need for UI composition. This allows the users to remain in the applications they use the most while leveraging advanced workflows for content processing.

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Enhance compliance with digital signatures

Documentum D2 and D2 Mobile’s holistic integration with OpenText Core Signature ensures compliance by providing an ink-like digital signature as part of any D2 workflow. The signed documents are automatically retrieved back into Documentum where they are stored and logged with the required audit details using pre-configured business rules as required by the governing regulations.

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November 2021: What’s new in OpenText Documentum CE 21.4

Update 1: Design and manage workflows

The new web-based Workflow Designer provided with the Documentum Platform can be used for designing and managing D2 workflows. Current Documentum customers can migrate their workflows from Workflow Manager using the migration utility.

Update 2: Access Salesforce information

Documentum’s new integration with Salesforce® helps accelerate sales cycles by sharing content stored in Documentum directly from the Salesforce user interface. Users avoid miscommunication and improve the customer experience by always leveraging the most current Salesforce information. Organizations can rest assured their content will not be misused, since the content carries with it the enterprise security and compliance standards built into Documentum.

Update 3: Simplify access to lifecycle management

Documentum D2 Smart View users can now apply lifecycle changes to a document in Smart View based on their user privileges.Business rules are consistently and automatically applied to documents as they progress through the various states of the document’s lifecycle.

Update 4: Update en masse

Merger and acquisition activity and drug-status changes for Life Sciences companies are examples of use cases that often require mass updates to be made to documents, folders and virtual documents. To ensure these changes are made consistently and quickly, Documentum D2 updates properties on multiple objects in one action. This includes replacing attributes based on conditions of other fields.

Update 5: Do more when mobile

Documentum D2’s new mobile capabilities include:

  • QR code scanning
  • Relations management, for creating and viewing relations
  • Document lifecycle management
  • Viewing and working on checked-out documents via tile landing pages and the hamburger menu of the mobile device
  • e-Signature support in key areas such as task processing, lifecycle, versioning, properties and non-credential IDP
  • Added security and compliance with e-Sign during task processing, lifecycle management and versioning or editing properties
  • Working/supporting files and task notes added directly by clicking on the add button in the app header

Update 6: Easily create an attractive dashboard

Documentum xCPCase Management Framework assists in building Smart Applications. When designing and implementing a mortgage application process, for example, the new tiles and dashboard layout improve interaction and usability, provide better access to data and increase productivity with a modern interface and organized workspace.

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Developers can easily create dashboards with the xCP Tile Layout Widget. Tiles provide interactive links to Data Services or any URL and can also link to common application functionality to create a dashboard menu that enhances the user experience.

April 2021: What’s new in OpenText Documentum CE 21.2

Update 1: Improve productivity

Authored content with tracked changes is often converted to PDF for submission and approval workflows—but that usually means the record of document modifications is lost. Content Transformation Services now retains comments and tracked changes when Word Documents are converted to PDFs, allowing for complete lossless interaction and change management.

Additionally, Documentum Content Trusted Services can also now burn watermark text into video content for copyright purposes.

Update 2: Enhanced online and offline workflow management

Smart View users can now start workflows and insert their documents into pre-defined business processes. They can find and manage workflows, either their own or workflows started/belonging to others, and then pause, abort or provide an update to the workflow supervisor.

Workflow features extend to the free Documentum D2 Mobile App, where users can continue to work on documents offline, then initiate workflows for approvals and processing once back online.

Update 3: Streamlined Microsoft Teams collaboration

Microsoft Teams users will be delighted with the ability to quickly spin up new Teams through content stored and governed in Documentum. They’ll also have the ability to clean up the Teams space post collaboration by automatically moving all content in the space to Documentum in order to prevent content sprawl.

(Video) Introduction to OpenText Documentum D2

This new functionality simplifies and streamlines the complete collaboration lifecycle, from creation of a Teams site using content stored and governed in Documentum, through to checking files back into Documentum upon completion of the activity in Teams

November 2020: What’s new in OpenText Documentum CE 20.4

Update 1: Documentum Platform security improvements

Security improvements include mandatory events, to ensure multiple logins and failed login attempts are tracked, especially if they are from different locations. And two-man oversite of audit trails eliminates the risk of accidental or malicious tampering by a super-user.

For customers moving to the cloud, an update calculator is now included with the containerized release to help customers manage the cost and impact of a container update. New certifications include Azure blob storage to help reduce the costs of storing content in Azure.

Update 2: Documentum D2 enhancements

In Documentum D2, we continue to focus on enhancing the Smart View to work more intuitively and across more use cases.

For users, the new in-place viewer provides a seamless way to preview content without having to exit their current working environment.

For Administrators, the D2-Config application can now be used with Google Chrome—a popular feature request from customers.

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Documentum D2 Mobile, the free mobile app for Documentum D2 customers, now allows users to scan barcodes for immediate access to the latest information. Workflow tasks can now be accessed from the home screen and can be actioned to speed up workflows.

Update 3: Documentum xCP case management

Documentum xCP CE 20.4 simplifies the development of dynamic, case-management solutions by enhancing the OOTB (Out of the Box) application that stands as the starting point for mapping to specific processes.

The new Case Management Framework assists in building Smart Applications using enhancements in the OOTB starting-point application—including the ability to search custom objects, sort results dynamically, and import task attachments from local file systems. All of which enables faster implementation cycles.


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